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I’ve interviewed AnaYelsi for a podcast and a feature story, and both times she offered insightful stories and analyses that got straight to the heart of my questions. I’ve also attended her seminars and speeches and so appreciate her style. She’s a personable and deeply knowledgeable teacher who can, in a single talk, open up a new world to you. If you ask AnaYelsi to speak at your event, she will teach you about the interlocking nature of race, sexuality, gender identity, privilege, migration and class in a way that is both accessible and inspiring. I’m so grateful for her voice.

Deborah Jian Lee, journalist, author, podcast host 

AnaYelsi is available for keynotes, workshops, plenaries, 1-1 coaching, group consulting, and meeting facilitation. Follow the links below to learn more about what she has to offer your community.

“My programming is intended to facilitate a paradigm shift where personal growth is only one part of a long-term process that centers the role of power in creating change on a systemic level, the necessity of incentives and consequences in creating accountability, and the need for continuous and multi-pronged education that is responsive to the ongoing changes in a group or society. I go beyond the traditional model of traditional DEI trainings––singular focus on personal shifts in understanding, an emphasis on “changing hearts and minds”, and often one-day interactions. I offer a learner-centered approach tailored to assist participants in addressing the unique needs and challenges of their community. My education model is a combination of relevant scholarship and original training materials tailored to the community with whom I am working and shaped around the needs presented to me. I employ both embodied and cooperative learning techniques. More interaction between the participants themselves and with me allows them to think critically about where they are in the “story”. This is all about integrating movement, story, and creative expression as part of self-discovery and relationship; never forgetting the end goal of a cultural shift towards equity and justice.” – AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez

Important Information for Clients and Event Hosts

Thank you for your interest in working with AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez. She looks forward to partnering with you and there are just a few things she wants you to know. Please review this information carefully before submitting a service request form.

Fees and Expenses

Clients and event hosts are expected to provide a service fee/honorarium and, when applicable, cover the following event-related costs:

  • Round-trip coach airfare (booked and paid up front by the host)
  • Ground transportation (to and from airport/event)
  • Hotel accommodations (booked and paid up front by the host)
  • Daily meal per diem throughout the duration of the travel days.

AnaYelsi holds a strong commitment to making her work economically just and financially accessible. Because of her patreon partners and clients that are able to meet her full rate, she is able to offer pro bono/low-cost services to those that would otherwise be priced out. If this applies to you, do not hesitate to reach out to discuss sliding scale rates.

Art Sales

As an artist, AnaYelsi is passionate about the role of art in justice work. Hosts are asked to provide a table, and a volunteer to oversee sales, so that prints of AnaYelsi’s art can be sold at events. This allows attendees to take home a tangible reminder of the work done together. Visit the art gallery to see the prints that may be made available at your event. If interested in specific prints being made available at an event, hosts will be required to pay for the prints upfront.

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