Drowning In Hope

Title: Drowning In HopeSize: 22×28 inches Price: $512 SOLD “I started painting it at 1am because I was so agitated I couldn’t sleep. Good Friday is a time to consider grief and loss. I think of the pain the women at the cross must have felt watching the breathe leave Jesus’ body. How excruciating it must have been to hold onto the belief that he was still with them when his body held no life. I think of the pain of those who are ill, those who have passed away, and those that have lost loved ones to Covid-19. Those that are afraid of how they’re going to feed their families this month when they can’t leave their home and go to work. Those that still have to go and don’t have the resources they need to stay safe. Those left forgotten in prisons and detainment centers. Those that feel trapped in their anxiety and fear because of this global pandemic. We’re told to hold onto hope but you can drown in hope. It’s hard to hope when you don’t see an end in sight. It’s hard to hope when the loss is so real. It’s okay to name that. It’s okay to try and hope but not want to drown in it.”