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Commissioned paintings offer a unique experience for both of us. Their creation is a collaborative process and I look forward to sharing that with you. Commissioning an original piece of artwork can also be an intimidating experience so allow me to walk you through the process. There are 5 major steps:

  • 12974381_10153656948632862_5068802489249453607_nNarrow things down: There are so many themes, colors etc… to choose from that it can be hard to know where to begin. Take a moment to look through my art gallery. See what paintings you are drawn to within my portfolio. Choose a color scheme (colors to include, avoid…), subject matter etc… As long as you like my current work and I am able to retain a fair amount of artistic control, I am happy to accommodate your preferences.
  • Size it just right: You have a choice between square, landscape, or portrait format in whatever size is appropriate for your space. Pricing is determined by painting size so this may factor into your decision.
  • Check-in: After I begin your piece, I will send you in progress photos to make sure you are comfortable with the direction I am taking. As long as you respond in a timely fashion, this will allow you to suggest any necessary adjustments.
  • All in the details: Once I am nearing completion of your piece, I will send you a final photo and, based on your feedback, I’ll add the finishing touches and then send a final photo.
  • Home sweet home: Once everything is finalized, you’ll make your final payment and I’ll arrange shipment or delivery (not included in price of painting). Yay!

You’re probably wondering what all of this will cost you. Here’s a little bit about pricing:

All paintings in my portfolio are priced based on a supplies fee ($50) plus size ($0.75 per sq. inch). Commissioned paintings are priced the same way but include an added $25 commissioning fee. The supplies and commissioning fees ($75 total) are due upfront and are non-refundable. Shipping and handling must be covered by the commissioner. If needed, a payment installment plan can be agreed upon.

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